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About Market Ready REal Estate

With our dedication to delivering high-quality, informative content, we aim to be your trusted companion on your homeownership journey. Whether you're a first-time buyer, a seasoned homeowner, or a real estate enthusiast, our blog is designed to cater to your needs, inspire your imagination, and provide the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions.
Alexander Wissel

World's Greatest Real Estate Blog?

Welcome to the World's Greatest Real Estate blog*, your ultimate destination for all things home improvement, buying homes, and selling homes. We are here to empower and guide you through every step of your homeownership journey, providing invaluable insights, expert advice, and practical tips to make your real estate endeavors a resounding success.

* World's Greatest Real Estate Site didn't return a great result on Google... Especially one that wasn't trying to sell your data. So we kinda feel like this is something to work towards. 

Market Ready Real Estate, is ‘ready to go’ as we like to say in the business. A ‘market ready’, and staged home has been prepared, tailored, accessorized, and edited to show off a property's best features. 

Getting a home ready to sell can take a ton of work – there's power-washing, cleaning, painting, refreshing, sometimes there's renovations, staging furniture and jettisoning old belongings... It can be exhausting. But the results are amazing.

Make Your Home Market Ready!


I can't tell you how many times we've gone into a newly 'market ready' home and heard how much the current owners love the new look. "Maybe if I knew how good my home could look I wouldn't be selling."

It's the reason Home Improvement shows like 'Love it or List it' are so incredibly popular. Too many people either ignore their living space, or have no idea what to do to improve it. 

My name is Alexander Wissel, I’ve been a residential real estate agent & Realtor for over 8 years. Additionally, I've worked as a financial professional – in mortgages, market research, insurance, and financial advising – for an additional 15 years.


Selling your home is more than just legalese and market studies... And it's a lot more than just putting a sign out front... it's love, sweat and tears.

I have a degree in art from one of the best fine arts schools in the nation, and I'm a competitive plein-aire painter ~ I know what looks good. We are experts in helping our clients make their homes market ready and getting them sold for top dollar.


Helping our buyers and sellers is incredibly rewarding, but there's so much more we can share about the many aspects of the home process. 


It's why we built this site - to share our insights into home trends, buying and selling homes, decorating, home improvement ~ and all the other things that help people live in a 'market ready' state. 

PS. - We're still in the beginning parts of this exploration, so this is very much a work in progress. Please forgive us as there might be some articles that we haven't gotten to, or sections we haven't fleshed out yet. If you have suggestions on what you'd like to see – please send us a note. 

Thank You!

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We regularly help authors who need a quote from an real estate professional. So if you’re looking for help – we’ll try our best. 

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